Growing larger trees & blueberry plants

Because you asked, we are growing larger sizes of fruit trees and blueberry plants. The picture on the left shows our potted trees. Most of the trees we are selling these days are not potted, but have their roots in moist sawdust with an elastic outer wrap.

All of our fruit trees come with a metal tree guard included in the price. This is very important for the success of your tree that the main trunk be protected from chewing voles and borer beetles. We also give you a packet of Stress X which you mix with water to give to your tree after planting which gives it a good start.

We offer a “starter pack” mineral mix for $20, enough to help one to three trees, or our successful tree planting mix that also nourishes the earth in and around the planting hole to provide an optimum environment for the healthy steady growth of soil life and your plant. ($25 for a 20 qt. bag can plant 1-4 trees or shrubs depending on size).

We offer bareroot raspberries, strawberries, and asparagus during April, May, and June at substantially lower prices than if they were potted individually.

Lots more at our farm and thank you for your support!
Gaia, Eric, Noelle, David, Anika, Tristan, and Navah.

Prices in image are current as of 2022 and are subject to change.