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Hardy Kiwi (Kiwiberry) Growing Guide


Medium up to 2 ft $55

Large 2-3 ft $75


We are the kiwi capital of Vermont, growing them here for 30 years.
Easy to grow! Vigorous but non-spreading. They need a strong support to twine up and around such as a 4x4 arbor, pergola or old dead tree. Early spring frosts may set them back but don’t give up — they grow new leaves!

We offer three types, and you need both male & female vines of the same species. Plant 6-10’ apart.

Arguta - Males have healthy green leaves and twine around poles and trees up into the stratosphere. Females make many succulent green kiwi fruits 3/4- 1” long with no fuzz, no peeling. Ripens in September at Elmore Roots.
Kolomitka - Older males have green, white, & pink on their leaves. Females have delicious tresses of succulent 3/4” kiwis with no fuzz, no peeling. Ripens in late August-September at Elmore Roots. Delicate fragrant blossoms in spring & so much fruit we have a new jam favor!

Twining up one of the arbors at our farm are Hardy Kiwi vines. Just pop the fruit in your mouth. They taste like the ones from the store only better. You can fill your bowl with them and eat them all day long. Plant in a spot protected from the wind or plant a bush to block the wind.

We grow the kiwi plants larger than ones you can find by mail order.
All of our northern kiwi vines should fruit in 3-4 years, provided they are planted in a well-drained spot. They do not have fuzz on their skins so you can just pop them in your mouth. We have some here in Elmore that have been growing and fruiting for over 40 years! Also called Kiwiberries, they will not disappoint!


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