Native plants

Native Plants

This chart is to help you learn about some native plants that can be grown in our area and some of their characteristics.

We do not grow all of these at Elmore Roots but we usually have some of them in stock. Feel free to ask for what you are interested in and let us know what your criteria are. We can help you find a good match.

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These fruiting plants are so easy to grow!

The deer and the various pests around don’t usually bother with them, as they have known each other for so long. They do not require much care, and flower and fruit in moist and other conditions that are usually not ideal for plants. They are especially good for reclaiming areas that have gone a little wild. Or they are right at home on the edge of your lawn or driveway. Some have wonderful fall color, and all will make songbirds grateful for choosing these plants for your land. Some can take a little shade. All have been stunning examples of the natural world’s ability to make something great and sturdy and multipurpose. We love growing these because they give so much and ask so little.