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Bareroot Advantages and Season

We sell bareroot trees and berry plants, wrapped in moist cedar sawdust and outer plastic wrap.

Our plants are dug from our fields and gravel beds and then selected from our state of the art cold storage buildings while they are still dormant for your transplanting success.

Plants are either grown at Elmore Roots or purchased from other northern nurseries that we trust.

We offer a selection of potted trees and shrubs in the summer and potted or gravel-bed grown trees in the fall.

Advantages we have experienced planting and selling bare roots plants and trees:

• They will grow their next set of roots at your place, in their new home.

• They are lighter and easier to load, transport and plant. You can fit more of them in your vehicle and they are less costly to ship.

• Avoids the circling roots that can happen in a pot grown tree. Easier to make sure there are no insects or disease on the roots.

• No earth is getting dug up and transported off the farm in root balls, so fields stay healthier. Less plastic pots are used.

• Our bareroot trees and plants are kept in our state of the art cold storage buildings until we select your order. We keep the roots moist for you in a cedar sawdust and outer wrap that you take home.

Mid-April to Late June, bareroot sales season at Elmore Roots.

July-October, potted sales season at Elmore Roots

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