Blueberry Plants

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Blueberry Buying Guide

2-3 different varieties for best pollination. Plant 4’ apart, shorter ones can be closer.

For best results:
• Add our Bountiful Blueberries Mix to your planting hole.
• Keep your bushes free of weeds, mulched & watered.
• Add elemental sulfur as needed to keep pH low. 
• Add Elmore Roots Believe in Blueberries Combo and liquid seaweed/fish each spring for food.

All sizes: Buy 5 or more blueberries, and get one of the same size free. Some Extra Large Bearing Age plants are available and they are 22-32 inches tall.

Well-rooted starter size: 5-9" $20 Medium: 1 gallon, 8-12 inches field ready $39 Large: 2 or 3 gallon bearing age, 12-20", taller and bushier $79 Extra Large: 20-34 inches

Recommended Plant Care Materials

For Blueberries, Lowbush Cranberries, Lingonberries, Nut pines, and Azaleas