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Instead of a fence, why not get some privacy from a neighbor or road with a hedge of shrubs and trees that are easy to grow? They can give flowers, shelter from wind, are a songbird habitat, provide fruit for wildlife & make your place feel like a home inside its elegant boundary.

Some of the best for our area are red osier dogwood, Juneberry, American plum, pussy willow, aronia, winterberry, pines, white cedar, hazelberts, Jerusalem artichokes, elderberries.

Ask for our native list for mature heights, soil, and light requirements. All of these make food for wildlife.

Mountain Ash

Medium: 3-4 ft $75

Large: 4-6 ft $150

Hawthorn Tree

Small Starter size: 2-3 ft. tall from base of trunk to terminal bud. $75

Medium Field Ready: 4-5 ft. tall from base of trunk to terminal bud. $150

Large Bearing age: 6-8 ft. tall from base of trunk to terminal bud. More branching than medium sized tree. trunk diameter approximately 1 inch. $250

White Ash Large: 5-6 ft $150
Bur Oak Large: 4-6 ft $150
Maple  Medium: 3-4 ft $75 Large: 5-6 ft $150
White Spruce  One Size: 1-2 ft $55
Speckled Alder Medium: 2-4 ft $75
Black Locust Medium: 2-3 ft $75
Willow (weeping) Medium: 3-5 ft $75 Large: 6-8 ft $150
Willow (basket and native) Small: 1 ft $35 Medium: 2 ft $55 Large: 3-5 ft $75 Extra Large: 6-9 ft $150
Japanese Tree Lilac Large: 4-6 ft $150
Basswood/Linden Medium: 3-4 ft $75 Large: 4-5 ft $150
Siberian Stone Pine Medium: 1 ft $55
White cedar/Arborvitae Small: 1-2 ft $35


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