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Instead of a fence, why not get some privacy from a neighbor or road with a hedges of shrubs and trees that are easy to grow? They can give flowers, shelter from wind, songbird habitat, fruit for wildlife & make your place feel like a home inside its elegant boundary. Some of the best for our area are:

Check out our natives list for mature heights, soil, and light requirements. All of these make food for wildlife. Here are some varieties and heights:

Hazelberts   with mature height of ten feet
Wildlife seedling apples - twenty feet
Red Osier Dogwood  -  six feet
Native American Plum  - fifteen feet 
Aroniaberry  - six feet
Winterberry  -  eight feet
Elderberries  - eight feet
Basket Willow  -  twenty feet
Juneberry  - twenty feet
Jerusalem Artichoke  - seven feet
Lilacs  -  ten feet
Rosa Rugosa - five feet
Black Currants  - five feet
Seaberry  - twelve feet