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The Seasons of Elmore Roots


Nursery is under deep snow. Plants are sleeping in the nursery. It’s a good time to write to us with your questions. Order gift cards online. Get the best selection by ordering for spring during the winter!


This is our bareroot season. This is the time of year to enjoy all the benefits of bareroot planting. We are digging plants like crazy and filling your orders. We are propagating the new plants from our extensive fruit groves and berry patches. We are helping you choose your plants and loading your vehicles, with coaching for your success.


Bareroot season has ended and we have a nice selection of potted trees and shrubs available. We are growing plants for next season in our fields. Very important to keep your plants watered all through the summer. Berry harvests in full force and early apple, pear, and plum, and cherry harvests begin.


Excellent time for planting as it is cooler and the ground is moist. Less watering requirements. Fruit and nut trees bearing heavily now. We offer both our gravel bed-grown bareroot trees and our potted trees in fall.