Apple Trees - Buy 5, get 1 free


3-4' Small Field Ready
5-6' Large Field Ready
7-9' Bearing Age

Home Orchard Package:  Get a bonus apple tree with each five purchased! 

Sizes are approximate. Not all varieties are available in all sizes. Please ask for varieties you don’t see. 

Available in limited quantities: various cider apples, Haralred*, Wolf River, and semi-dwarf Honeycrisp*, semi-dwarf Liberty*, and semidwarf Cortland

Buy five get one free. To make it easy to remember, write down on a piece of paper, your six choices of apple trees. For example, maybe you want 3 of one kind, 2 of another and 1 more of different type. Or maybe you want 6 of one kind,

**When we process the orders, they must be from the size available for that variety.

If we do not have the one you have selected we will substitute a similar variety, unless you say "no subs"

During checkout, after entering your credit card information, you will see a “Review and Submit Order” box. Before clicking on the “Complete Order” button, use the box called “Note to Seller” to list the types and quantities of apple trees you wish to purchase. There should be a total of 6 apple trees.


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